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Pregnancy is the original creative process!

It is a time when we have one foot in this reality and another in the spiritual. We can connect to that realm through art and creating with our hands, through our intuition and connecting to that spiritual realm.

In each pregnancy I have felt the need to explore a creation that helped me connect and open to my baby.

Each time it has helped me focus my concentration and energy and I have kept it on my birth shrine, so that I can focus on it during labour.

What would you like to see and focus on while you are giving birth?

What image comes up when you think and feel about connecting to and opening up to your baby?

Every Wednesday, 7-8.30, you can come and join me, The Pregnant Midwife and Elena Kanta, Doula Corfu, Alo Bebe, at Iliaxatida nursery for a Birth Art Workshop.

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