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Preparing breasts for breastfeeding

What do we need to do to prepare for breastfeeding?


That's right, there is no physical preparation we need to to do. Our amazing bodies are doing it for us. These incredible bodies are building the glands, ducts, vessels, mechanisms, skin surface and positive feedback systems that mean when our babies are born everything will be ready to produce more then enough milk to support their needs.

There is NO need to toughen up your nipples with a rough cloth, or some specially designed sponge - these are just marketing ploys - like so much of pregnancy and baby care.

But, it CAN be very useful to know what environment and relationships to build that help to support breastfeeding.

Suggestions include:

Have immediate and prolonged skin to skin contact with your baby at birth, preferably at least until the first breastfeed. There is no need to rush to weigh, measure or inject your baby after birth, it is MUCH more important for you to get to know each other and begin your breastfeeding journey.

Spend as much time as you can skin to skin with your baby, so they can access your breasts as often as they need to.

Keep your baby in your or your partners arms, not passing your baby round to all who come visiting, so they feel safe.

Only invite people into YOUR newborn space who make you feel supported, and protected, not judged or will give unsolicited advice.

Nourish yourself - or ensure that those around you nourish you - with good food, plenty or fluids, rest and gentle body work.

There will be plenty more information or breastfeeding and newborn care soon!

For more information and support please contact me directly.

Sophia Ortiz, Holistic Midwifery Ολιστική Μαιευτική.

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