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The sick pregnant midwife

I have not posted in a while because me and my little boy were sick with a virus. Luckily we are now recovered and getting back into the rhythm of summer time.

While I was sick I was thinking how easy it would be for me to stress out about what the virus might do to the precious baby I am carrying within me. There is a possibility of course that it has passed though the placental barrier and effected the baby in some way. I could go and do blood tests or an amniocentesis to see what it was and to see if it has passed to the amniotic fluid. But what would this tell me? What would I do with the results? How would these effect the rest of my pregnancy? How would it effect my growing connection and relationship with my child?

Basically it would tell me very little. I will not know, maybe for years if the child has been effected by the virus. I will though, stress out if I find there is a possibility of this or that or the other. And the stress, more then anything, will definitely negatively effect my child, my pregnancy, my connection and experience with my inner and outer world. It will impact my family and my choices and decisions. I will be operating from a place of fear and risk.

Instead I chose to look within. To connect with my baby, heart to heart and listen to my intuition. My baby is well, they are exactly how they are meant to come to me and my family.

If you were in the same place, what would you do?

There is no right answer, it may be that you feel strongly that you should find out as much as you can.

But every decision we make will have consequences and will impact us and the people around and inside us.

Only you can decide which actions and consequences are right for you. And you can only do that when you know the full impact of the choices you are taking.

I urge anyone to really consider the choices they make while pregnant, not to simply follow someones advice because they are your doctor, mother, best friend or midwife. But to take a long moment, in fact as much time as necessary to make decisions that are fully informed and aligned with your truth.

Wishing you blessings for each step you take along the path to patenting.

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