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This Postnatal Flesh

I love this postnatal flesh, it has carried my babies, it has birthed my babies, it keeps me healthy and safe, wrapped in its cratered cocoon.

I love this postnatal flesh that warps and stretches and dips and wrinkles.

I love this postnatal flesh that is more sensetive then before that loves to be touched and hates to be crowded and pinched.

I love this postnatal flesh that is mine and yours and ours and mine, all mine.

After my second birth I was horrified by the marks that the pregnancy had left on my body. It preoccupied my mind and the way I thought about myself. It seemed to take so much longer to recover and I felt I was dragging weight and marks and pieces of myself that I didn't want but could not leave behind.

It made it hard to me happy in my skin.

This time I decided to praise my flesh, my muscles, my body! How amazing it is! Every time I get out the bath, put moisturiser on, catch myself in the mirror, I remind myself - I love this postnatal flesh!

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