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What about Oxytocin?

Everybody knows about Adrenaline and how important it is for survival. It's great to be able to fight, flight or freeze when needed, but what about Oxytocin?

Oxytocin is the hormone of love and connection, it builds bonds and relationships.

It is just as important to survival as adrenaline.

And although adrenaline gets a lot of press and the rush can create moments of euphoria. When you think about the things in your life that fill you with joy, the relationships that sustain you through difficult times, the environments you want to create and recreate, those are times and people that fill you with oxytocin.

Oxytocin is one of the main driving hormones of labour, and while you are pregnant your uterus becomes more and more susceptible to the influence of oxytocin. This process readies your body for birth and the more ready your body is to receive oxytocin the smoother your birth can be. It is also the hormone that primes you to build a bond with your baby and let's down your breast milk.

So, what makes you feel loved and connected?

What and who fill you with joy?

How can you support your body to be as open and receptive to oxytocin while pregnant so that it can be open and receptive during birth?


Making love?

Playing with your children?

Eating good food?



Being in nature?

I've created a playlist of all my favorite songs and I listen to it and dance while cleaning the house....

I am trying harder to have no expectations on my children and to connect with them where they are at in the moment and build bridges through play and connection....

I'm surrendering to my sensuality....

I am consciously eating healthy tasty food that nourishes me and my growing baby...

The list is not exhaustive and is very personal, but it's a pleasure to work on 😉

For more information and support please contact me directly.

Sophia Ortiz, Holistic Midwifery Ολιστική Μαιευτική.

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