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What's in a due date?

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

The first thing everyone asks me is,

What's your due date?

I reply 'September/October'

I have a due month.


Because there is a range of 'normal', and I know that the healthiest start of my birth will be decided by my body and my baby.

When my baby's lungs are ready for the outside world they will send signals to my body that they are ready to be born. The my labour will start. Anytime before that and my baby is simply not ready.

When only 5% of births happen on their 'due date' it is clear that 'due dates' are misleading and can often be stressful, when the medical system starts to push for induction because of being 'post dates'.

Induction can be very useful when there is a clear medical reason for discontinuing the pregnancy.

But there are risks and downsides to induction and going through with it because there is a perceived 'increased risk' is generally not helpful. It is best to gather all the information that you need for your particular situation before making a choice.

For more information and support please contact me directly

Sophia Ortiz, Holistic Midwifery Ολιστική Μαιευτική

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