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Sophia Michalopoulou

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My name is Sophia Michalopoulou, I am a perinatal therapist, I specialize in newborn and baby aquatics and I am a pregnancy and birth doula. 

I began to see birth from a baby’s perspective while working physically and psychologically with my own and my clients’ birth and pre-birth memories. I focus on preparing women and their partners to conceive their child intentionally, working through any fears or inhibitions which might impact their pregnancy while bringing in an awareness of their baby’s needs so that they can make conscious choices for their pregnancy and birth.

I work with water where possible to support the entire birth journey to accompany a baby’s transition into this life with natural ease. I also use sound, touch, and water to work with babies from birth to help them get used to living in a new body.


Sophia Ortiz

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My name is Sophia Ortiz and I am an independent midwife. I studied and worked in England before moving to Corfu with my family. I started Holistic Midwifery so I could offer a dynamic and holistic approach to pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and the important first family period.

Holistic Midwifery offers midwifery care throughout pregnancy, in labor and postnatally, for breastfeeding and early parenting. By using the best available scientific evidence, by helping you cultivate self-trust, and facilitating your connection with your own instinctual knowledge, I support you and your family to create your unique birthing and parenting experience. I aim to prepare you for the most satisfying birth that will support the lifelong health of your baby, yourself, your family, and the society around you.


Leane Samoilis

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I founded Wishful Mammy due to my own journey, I am Leane, I have 1 little boy and two angel babies. Wishful mammy is all about making your wishes come true, whether it be for a calm and relaxed birth or a holistic approach to pregnancy.  

I'm a KG Hypnobirthing practitioner, reflexologist, I'm qualified in Swedish, deep tissue, sports, aromatherapy, Indian head and pregnancy massage, reflexology and 3 steps rewind for birth trauma and phobias.


Eleni Kanta

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Eleni Kanta, is a certified HERBAL doula-birth keeper, mother of Orpheus and Myrtos, who has worked extensively for the last 11 years as an artist and architect. She uses the arts and harmony to empower pregnant women so that they can experience pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenting in an atmosphere of joy and security. She herself have given birth two times without any medication and without any intervention and this plus the births that she started to attend as a doula she considers it is one of the biggest studies that she has in the birth field.

Eleni provides knowledge, support, warmth, and comfort to the couple and the baby.

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