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Our Mission Statement

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Our mission is for all women, babies, and families to have the healthiest and most fulfilling birth experience they can so that they begin the journey of parenthood with strength and joy.

We support families through their full journey of conception, pregnancy, birth, and new parenthood. We work with women so that they begin their journey as new mothers feeling empowered, capable, and as prepared as possible for this transformative journey. This includes supporting their partner and any other family members who will be their support team.

Our approach is based on supporting the astounding natural physiological and psychological changes that occur in pregnancy and birth, which have been proven to be the healthiest way for most women and babies to begin life as mother and child. We also take into consideration each person’s individual situation so that their care is tailored to them.

Knowledge is power, and the Pregnancy and birth network strive to offer parents the most up-to-date research and information so that they can make the best choices for themselves and their family. This is your birth, your body, and your family and you should be fully informed of any paths and decisions that may occur during pregnancy, birth, and postnatally.

Meet the team



We are four professional birth workers with a wide range of skills and experiences who all believe that each woman is the central figure in her own care, and we offer information and support for women and families who want to approach birthing with trust, excitement, and responsibility.

We all live in Corfu and consider it our home with a wish to educate, support and inspire natural pregnancy and birthing practices. The idea to create The Pregnancy and Birth Network of Kerkyra

arose during the first pandemic lockdown from the want and the need to support mothers, babies and families in this time.

We continue to provide free monthly support online and have developed the 10 Week Natural Pregnancy and Birth Preparation Programme together. As Corfu becomes a destination for natural pregnancy and birth preparation, we continue to want to work together as a team to be able to cover calls for support from most areas of the island.

We are all passionate about supporting pregnancy and birth naturally and work closely with medical professionals and other relevant providers as part of our network.

Jan 28, 2023, 10:00 AM – Feb 25, 2023, 1:30 PM
EO Lefkimis 4, Kerkira 491 00, Greece



"It is difficult to put into words just how much this network means to me - and how relieved I am for the women of Corfu. This circle of ladies are truly passionate in what they do and genuinely, so lovely. Really grateful for the online information evenings I par-took in. Sophia at Holistic Midwifery and Leane at Wishful Mammy not only supported me to reach a goal but a dream of mine! Assuring my strength in being able to give birth without intervention in the place I feel most safe - at home. Thank you ALL, SO much."


"WITH ALL HONESTY, The Best team ever. If you know a hospital birth is not right for you, then you need to contact this team. I Birthed my baby (baby no.3) in a stress-free environment, in her own time and with the most caring and knowledgeable people. WE NEED THIS IN CORFU. They gave me another choice. A choice that was better for my baby, and for me. Sophia De-Rosa Ortiz was my midwife and she is absolutely incredible. Sophia Michalopoulou was my doula and is amazingly intuitive. Leane Samoilis offers hypnobirthing and was always available whenever I had questions about essential oils and aromatherapy."

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